Friday, November 9, 2012

My lil' Panda and our Weekend Plans...yaysicles!

Woo Hoo! We made it through another week!
It's friday and it's coooooold outside!
Ellie is wearing her cuddly Panda suit to stay warm (and "stay cute") as the back says...hee hee
 PANDA SUITE: Mini Harajuku (from Target)
LEOPARD SHOES: From Vans Leopard Toddler Slip-ons (I love me some slip-on shoes)

I'm so excited.....because......
We are going to see my sister and her precious baby girls that I just love so much!
My sister doesn't live near me, so I get EXTRA excited when I get to see her!
And we are going to Disneyland together! I can't wait...two things I love- my sister and Disneyland!!!

Maybe I'll make a vlog about it...did you guys see my last vloggy? (you can click this to watch it if you missed it):

Let me know if you guys want to see a Disneyland vlog while we're there!?!

I'm so excited...I have so much "not fun" stuff to do today, but I don't care because we will have fun this weekend!

Andddddd I'm uploading a new video to my main channel on youtube...CLICK THIS to see if it's up!

happy friday skipping arounf the house, your kandee


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