Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kandeeland goes to Disneyland

Ellie testing out the lil' door near the Tea Cups!
Disneyland, the original, the Anaheim, California one...is one of my favorite places in the whole world! We've gone there since I was lil' and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it! We went there this weekend, with my sister and her family and one of my best friends since high school and her family.
(I even tried to VLOG there, then all the batteries on everything died...battery life drives me cray cray!)

WE were sooooooooooe excited about CARS LAND! And we all loved it! 
We all had matching red shirts that my mom painted like "disneyland letters" that made us all spell out: We heart Disneyland.
(it was so easy to find everyone in our red shirts!)
This was me sitting with 2 people I didn't know in the back- the wind was really whippin' their hair around! ha ha ha...
and Blake, my friends daughter, and Alani in the front.. on the Cars ride!

Blakey trying on a tire hat!
 The "Flying Tire Hat" in Car Land was my favorite hat ever! It was my favorite when you'd see a man wearing them! ha ha ha ha

Oh, the cactus and desert rocks as you waited in line on the Cars ride!

And what the ride looked like in Ramone's paint shop!

 The last scene on the cars ride before you take off in the race- it was out favorite part!
 Love, love, love Minnie's house in Toon Town!
 Kinda loved the decorations on Goofy's House for Christmas!-They were gi-normous!
 It's A Small World, all fancy for Christmas!
 Me and Ellie meeting Daisy Duck at breakfast!
I had other pictures of our other family and friends that went, but I'm not sure they all want to be on my blog! ha ha ha

My phone died- so I hardly got any pictures...thanks 6 hour battery life.
Jordan and our cousin, even made it on the Cars ride 2 times...thanks fastpasses.

We had so much fun....I'll post my Disney Fashion on my KandeeJ blog.


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