Friday, November 30, 2012

sweet evidence and the best of morning hair:

This is perhaps the best morning hair our house has to offer.
Which is only matched by the awesomeness of the face, Ellie is making.

And last night, I saw Blakey sneek out of the pantry, real quick and give me a funny little smile.
NOTE: funny little smiles usually translate into: "heh heh heh, I didn't just do something"
I later went into the pantry to get some of my new fav, SUGAR COOKIE SLEIGH RIDE tea (I didn't even need to put anything to sweeten it- and you know how much I LOVE me some sweetness!) from Celestial Seasonings- yes I blogged a picture of it here. I walked into to make me a cup of tea, while I edit a new video (that will be up on my Youtube today!)....I saw the "candy scene" above:
A pair of scissors (which were used to open the giant dot candies, you see above)
The opened Giant Dot (AKA paper button candies) Candy Package, which I thought I had hid on the top shelf, because I bought them to do a "candy make-up look".
I like how he found my good fabric scissors and that he stuck them in a lunch bag, for safe keeping. You want to be careful with the "good" scissors! ha ha ha ha

And we're out like the candies from their packaging, kandee, morning hair Ellie, and Blake the sneakey candy-opener

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