Monday, December 3, 2012

How to put the fancy on for a light parade:

#1. This is what Ellie helped pick out to wear....
she insisted on the faux fur jacket.
Yes, we may be going to a lil' old town style, Christmas light parade...but she was going glam!
 #2. This is how you pose, like a boss.
 #3. This is how Alani poses, like a boss.


#4. This is how to go to a light parade, like a boss: that's going to be fired... take your camera phone and make sure not to charge it before you go so it dies  when you get to said parade...and then you've got no good pictures of you drinking multiple cups of hot chocolate, the "chocolate mustaches" that were decorating our faces, or Ellie dancing to the marching band.

#5. It was cold. We ate lots of cookies. Drank too much hot chocolate. Scratch that, you can never have enough hot chocolate (maybe Buddy the Elf said that, but I agree).

#6. As we made the walk to the cars (which was a few streets away) we sang Christmas songs...only to realize we sang loud enough that when we stopped, the group of people behind us continued on singing another chorus of the song! Ha ha ha So we started singing again with was like "Christmas Caroling" with people we don't know- but-they-had-some-little-hot-chocolate-mustaches-too! ha ha ha

#7. Then we had a yummy dinner at one of our favorite places that makes the best bread and soup!

typing from my partially, Christmas-decorated living room while drinking my Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea, your kandee kande (yes, I just called myself that)

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