Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday Night Dinner and a Movie and NEW HAIRCUT!

 this is what would have been your view if you were in our living room last night..
There was a "bakery and pizza shop" open for business...ofcourse everything was "calorie free" (since it was all made of wood pretty much)
 there was even this beautiful cake....and my beautiful, Alani watching Tangled, our movie of the night!

And not to, toot my own "lasagna-making-horn"...but this was pretty taste-tay. I kinda made it all up- I made my own sauce, added some butternut squash I don't know if I could ever remember how to re-create it! ha ha ha ha But Jordan said it was really good, and that's hard to get him to say!
And the highlight of the day...was Blake who gave himself a haircut...the night before, as we were all getting ready for bed, I walked into my bathroom to see him with some pair of scissors I've never seen before (maybe he got them from Jordan's room..hmmmm), and he had cut these very "modern" shapes out of his hair.
I think this look might be very popular in the future, maybe like 2086 or something. We haven't decided how we will fix this look yet, but for now I want him to know I love his creativity and style, we just might need to make a few tweaks. I did see some friends over the weekend that not only had their little boy cut his hair, but he also cut his little sisters hair! So thankfully Blake only played barber to himself! ha ha ha

I love that lil' guy!

Happy last Kandeeland post of 2012! See next year! (yes, that is my favorite thing to say on Dec 31, yes I am cheeseball...and I love it!)
2012 hugs!!!


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