Friday, December 7, 2012

You like these teeth and "the 2nd best":

I posted this last night on just cracks me up (it was a gift by the way)...she doesn't even like pacifiers and I'm pretty sure she doesn't like Hockey either. ha ha ha

This was my little cutey, who seems to be the only one that will sit in this old chair, becuase it's pretty much zero percent comfortable.

 Jordan, my oldest son, who's way taller than me now...said this is his second favorite outfit he's ever seen her in. ha ha ha
 If you might wanna guess, it was another cutey-wootie outfit from Gwen Stefani's mini harajuku line from good ol' Targetino!
 Awww my lil' cuddle bunny, I know I'm biased, but I just think she is so adorable!
*or I shall, attempt to finish all my Christmas decorating.
*laundry- oh the fun!
*get some groceries
*try to film a video maybe, on my christmas decorating or some christmas DIY (hopefully)
*do something fun (not sure what that might be yet)
*vacuum up more glitter and sparkles that I'm sure will fall from all my christmas decorating
*I wish I was going to Disneyland....(DID you see my Disneyland VLOG tour I posted yesterday...CLICK HERE TO SEE IT AND ALL MY EXCITEMENT..ha ha ha)

glittery-ness and candy canes, your kandee

*if you wanna see some of the cutest boots and phone cases ever...CLICK THIS for MY FRIDAY FINDS on my other BLOG.

PS. only a few days left to enter to win some of my it here, it stars Ellie too:


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