Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in our "kandeeland":

Our Christmas started off as all Christmas mornings should... in jammies, ready to open presents, with crazy morning hair.
Then Ellie got all fancy for Christmas- she got a Hello Kitty purse for Christmas...and before she put her jacket on she looked like this....(she also took the bow out of her hair after I took this picture.)

(Scotty dog dress from Baby Gap, leggins from I-can't-remember, and gold boots from Targetino (aka target).
 I made Christmas Cinnamon rolls, which are the same as regular cinnamon rolls, it just sounds fun to throw Christmas in front of it! ha ha ha
 And gingerbread man mugs waited to be filled with a fresh batch of Hot Salted Caramel Chocolate.
(perhaps a recipe video is in order! ha ha ha ha)
 Ellie got a Hello Kitty suitcase...she doesn't even need to go anywhere, she just loves to pull them around the house.

And the night before Christmas.....we took this was funny because the kids were just watching the old school, Rudolph the REd-nosed reindeer.
 Alani admiring ol' Rudy, and Ellie admiring Santa.

Our Christmas was wonderful. The kids were happy, and my favorite was waking up to their excited faces...they camped out in my room, so as soon as they woke up we raced to the tree.

I didn't know how the day would go, since it would be the first Christmas without my dad here on Earth. But I believe that he had God send some extra love and joy for our day from was the best present...
and in a world full of people asking for things, I received a gift in my heart, an extra gift of love and happiness, that I didn't ask for, that couldn't be bought in any store...
but a gift from heaven...
that I could feel my dad's love.
Thank you God, for sending that to my day...
"the most precious gifts given, can never be bought with money"...

I am a bit sad that I will have to take all my decorations down....I love them, but that would be slightly weird if I left Christmas trees up all year! ha ha ha ha
If you missed my "Holiday House Tour"....sit back and enjoy the "sweet candy-ness":

huge hugs from my heart to yours....may love fill your day, and hope start to grow with excitement for  a new day waiting to be lived, your kandee (notice how I left the "kane" off, ha ha ha)

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