Monday, December 24, 2012

Make-Up Lover Starter Kit and my lilt make-up artist

 This is a "mini make-up vanity" table....yes with a lipstick, powder puff square thing...and I bought it for my niece Audrey, thinking Ellie might be "too big" for it....well I was wrong....Ellie is in love with this toy....the vanity lights, light up...and Now I'm going to race to Target to see if they have any more left! ha ha ha
And this is my little Make-Up Artist.....making a funny face and showing off the awesome "make" she did on her face....somehow while I was putting my make-up on, she found a red lipliner and went to town...this is some serious "war paint"! I love it! She so proudly looked at me with her decorated face, and instantly made a precious memory in my heart!
And then my favorite, was the night before, when she strapped her baby doll stroller on like a backpack and walked all over the place....I was laughing so was too cute...she was like a turtle with a stroller for a shell!

We are off to get everything ready for Christmas Eve!!! Anddddd, I stayed up til 3am, trying to edit my holiday house tour video! So it will be up on youtube as soon as I finish it for a special treat today!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone....I'm sending as much love to my house and heart to you as I can.... and I know if this Christmas is hard for anyone, as it will be for my lil' family without my dad this year, we will celebrate with extra joy in our hearts that we have for him...
giant buckets of love, your kandee (kandee)

PS. My house tour pics will be up on my other blog in a bit too! (

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