Thursday, December 27, 2012

Once Upon A Christmas...last year

 I can't believe these pictures are from last year....lil' Ellie has gotten so big since then!
Not much more hair has grown, ha ha ha ha......
but my lil' cupcake will be 2 next months and it seems crazy like I was just posting videos that I was still pregnant...and now she's putting make-up on me as often as she can! ha ha ha ha
Remember this?!? feels way longer than 2 years ago sometimes and then sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday is so crazy that way!

Thanks guys for being a part of my days and life....thanks for ever clicking on here, so hopefully I can inspire you, make you smile, or maybe even make you laugh!

Huge hugs from kandeeland-throwback-thursday....

PS. I'm editing a "special" New YEAR's Eve" tutorial...hee hee hee CLICK THIS TO SEE WHEN IT WILL BE UP.


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