Thursday, December 6, 2012

Come see how I roll at Disneyland:

 Oh Disneyland...the happiest place on Earth! I used to want to figure out a way when I was little that I could sleep at Disneyland and somehow I (in my plan) all the rides and everything would be open and I'd have it all to my lil dreamin' self!
Just look at the Mickey Caramel Apples...
now I know I already blogged about our day at Disneyland...BUT!
What you don't know, is that I tried to film it too! SO last night I stayed up to edit this baby til' about 3:40-something AM! ha ha ha ha
 My favorite part, that I didn't film was Blake trying a Luigi's tire hat on in CARS LAND!
YES, I give you a tour of CARS LAND in the day then we went back at night to see how much, more, awesome it looked at night!!!

And our family tradition of taking pictures of someone taking a picture of you! ha ha ha My sister can be seen pretending she is my paparazzi!

Now sit back and enjoy my highly trained "vlog style" filming:

and if you wanna see my "throwback thursday" picture of me, CLICK THIS to peep it out.


The Mexican Place in Frontier Land (I don't know the name!)- the Enchiladas are amazing and you have to buy some of the Cinammon Sugar Tortilla Chips!

ANY PLACE in NEW ORLEANS SQUARE that sells the Monte Cristo Sandwiches- the are like a sandwich and dessert in one- your tastebuds will never be the same.

THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLACE- the restaurant in with the pink umbrellas right before you seel teh castle. The have the BEST fried chicken, and I don't even normally like fried chicken...and their strawberry shortcake dessert is yumtastic.

THE BBQ PLACE- near the petting zoo, right outside of Fantasyland, if you're looking at Dumbo's Ride, you'd go the left towards Frontier land- (again I don't know the name!) It's family style, and it has some of the best ribs! And they sing fun songs on stage while you eat, it feels like your at a chuckwagon dinner! I love it!

AND AND PLACE you SEE on MAINSTREET  that sells the APPLE PIE CARAMEL APPLES- I don't even really like caramel apples but I buy like 3 of these every time I go!

holla holla holidays, kandee

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