Friday, December 14, 2012

When moms go wild:

 ok, not really wild at all, but when you're a mom, sometimes just going to lunch is like a big "night out", in the middle of the day and it only last about an hour..ha ha ha ha But we had so much fun.
In the picture:
Katilette, the gorgeous and super sweet "Shaytards mama", and the beautiful blonde "model looking mama", who is equally sweet, Kayli...and you know that girl on the left, I think her name is Kandee.

This is what I ate...doesn't it look manly? A burger with a knife in it! ha ha ha
 And if we rewinded:  this is what I looked like on my way....
they are both "youtube mamas", and I have watched the Shaytards (Shay Carl and Katilette- are the famous parents of their "shaytard" family- that I've watched for years on youtube)....I feel YOUTUBE famous, because I made it into one of their VLOGS!!!!

See here:

And if you missed the video I posted yesterday on my main can watch my little "youtube vlog" (Im trying to do more vlogs) can watch that here too:

And if you still want to see more....I posted my BIG CHRISTMAS WISHLIST VIDEO yesterday too:

and the awesome part...I got more than 3 hours of sleep last's kinda' awesome...hugs from your Kandee (cane- I have to use that while it's Christmas time)

Wanna see the happs on my main, non-mommy blog...CLICK THIS HERE


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