Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The coolest "undecorated" Christmas Trees!

 I was doing some online hunting last night, I discovered some of the coolest, crazy and colorful Christmas trees...they don't even need decorations to be awesome! So hold onto your tree stands and enjoy these babies:
1. The Candy Cane Christmas Tree
 2. The Patriotic Christmas Tree

 3. The Giant Candy Corn Tree
(this is just about candyland trees)
4. The Upside Down Christmas Tree - yes the stand is down there at the bottom. You will confuse all your friends and family!

And now for the colorful trees.....I LOVE THESE!

1. The Lavender Tree

 2. The Hot Pink Christmas Tree
 3. The Smurf Blue Christmas Tree (or if you are a fan of any sports team that wears baby blue)
4. The Vintage Blonde Christmas Tree (that's really the name! Do blonde trees have more fun?!? hmmm)
 5. The Victoria's Not-So-Secret Pink Pencil Tree (how adorable is this pink tree?!?!)
 6. Silver Christmas Tree
 7. And last but not least, a yummy RED VELVET CHRISTMAS TREE!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas lovely are your colorful and crazy branches!?! Which one do you love?!?

I found all these technicolor trees at TREETOPIA - my new favorite Christmas Tree place. (and FYI: I saw they are having a sale, but the last day is today! 60% OFF these bad-mamma-jammas!

hugs and hot chocolate, your kandee "kane" (yeah, cuz' I'm cheesier than Wisconsin)

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