Tuesday, November 20, 2012

last night...

 looked a lil something like this...
Jordan sitting next to me texting someone....after showing me the tricks he does with his kendama
 a bunch of lil' cuties in jammies playing...I love having my sister and her precious lil girls here too!
 a picture of me in my jammies that I somehow accidentally took of myself...perhaps this is my new "good side" ha ha ha
 Alani and Blake sitting at their lil' table looking at the Christmas lights at the neighbors house...we love Christmas lights...and I love that my neighbor put them up on the last day of October- more time to enjoy the beauty!
 South by Southwest High Chair Festival...Ellie in her high chair with my cutie pie niece, doing leg tricks in the high chair behind!
*we ate a delicious dinner my mom made
*it's so fun to have my sister and her precious lil' family here
*it is really windy
*I hope you have an awesome day- even if it feels like tons of things go wrong, don't let it steal the smile from your face!

tuesday hugs, your kandee

*If you didn't see my "heart shaped cinnamon roll and "cinnabon" frosting video...watch it here:

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