Monday, November 5, 2012

Saint Bernard-Poodles, Turkey Cakes, Groceries and Heels

These are the shoes Ellie brought to me to wear to church...ha ha ha ha ha
Turquoise heels- that I've only worn once because they hurt my feet so bad....(they are Jessica Simpson shoes if you want to hurt your feet with their delicious color too! ha ha ha)
I thanked her very much, but I had to wear my moccasins- we had a busy day in store!

Sundays we usually go grocery shopping to load up for the week...
this was miss Ellie Bellie's huge smile after she spit out the cupcakes they gave this kids in the bakery- she didn't not like the icing! ha ha ha My lil' healthy-nut!
(she has an icing goatee)
 This was one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen!
Her name was Nelly, and she is half Poodle, half Saint Bernard!
(Ellie is wearing: leopard dress, leggins and bow shoes...all scored at Old Navy!- the leopard dress is my fav!)
 She was adorable and my Ellie, fell in love with Nelly!

Turkey cupcakes!!!!

and then we came home and put all the groceries away...
And now I'm about to upload a new video to the toobiest of You's, known as Youtube...hooray!!

Let's get ready to make this week matter what junk come our way, it's just going to prove how strong we are that we can get through it with a smile....

hugs NOT thugs....or drugs...or bugs, your homegirl kandee

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