Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby has left the building!

We made  a big trip out of the house yesterday! Our first stop was Great-Grammy's house (well, her great-great Grammy)...who hadn't seen her yet!
Grammy was so excited to see her! I love my grammy so much, she always makes me laugh!
We even got all fancy and I gave her a bath...and I even got a shower! Woo Hoo! Talk about getting glammed up! (this was right before her bath!)
and my little love bug...sleeping beauty!

She even slept while I held her and vacuumed today...other things I do with only one hand because I'm holding her with the other:
try to type an email
try to upload pictures
try to upoad a video
(note how frequently I used the word TRY! ha ha ha)

and now I'm off to rescue my moms arms...whose holding the baby while I type this! ha ha ha It's amazing how heavy a little 10 pound baby can feel after you've been holding them for a while! ha ha

huge love..from me and my growing biceps from all my baby holding..your kandee


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