Monday, February 21, 2011

No Wet T-Shirt Contest for me!

Yes, I guess I have a new super power then too!
Every mama is a superhero....and we can make lots of our super serum (aka milk) much that when you feel it come in...(a tight feeling when the milk fills up your boobs) spring a leak...and without your proper "SUPER HERO" nursing pads (boob pads)...
you will look like you've entered a wet t-shirt contest! Not good!

I blogged about the "best" nursing bras...
and I mentioned the NUK nursing pads....
well...hold onto your boobs
because I've discovered something even more amazing for your leakin' boobs...
(click here to see where to get your boobs in some! ha ha)

why I think these are the BEST, MOST COMFORTABLE NURSING PADS:
*they are made of all natural material, no chemicals in the processing
*so thin you, no one will notice your pads through your shirt!
*you don't feel "wet" boob feeling
*they don't leak
*they are the most comfortable nursing pad I've ever tried
*and they don't get a weird odor like other pads

They are a little more expensive than other disposables...BUT they last way you're getting more bang for your buck! (so I bet they end up costing the same for the same amount of time you'd plow through those other nursing pads!)

and my little angel this her ruffle pants!

love, bubbles, and boob pads...your friend kandee


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