Monday, February 7, 2011

boobs and babies...

no...this is not me..ha ha ha
But it is Miranda Kerr, wife of Orlando Bloom and Victoria's Secret model...AND organic lifestyle advocate!

Poor Miranda, received ridiculous comments from people about this photo...being IMMODEST.

I think these people forgot that...boobs were designed for breastfeeding. Being able to breastfeed a baby is such an amazing gift...just like a woman's body being able to be the precious garden where the baby grows.

I think this picture is beautiful...showing a precious baby, loving mama...and a VERY natural thing...breastfeeding.

How funny that more "boob-age" and behinds are shown in a music video or even on a magazine page and no one says anything!

Now for me, as a breastfeedin' mama...
(INSERT SIDE NOTE: this from the modest girl that didn't even want to wear a V-neck t-shirt, because I thought it was too revealing in high school! ha ha)
...I may not wanna just pop a boob out in public and feed away, for everyone to see!
BUT that's easy...just bring a nursing cover...a light blankie..anything, you can hide your hoo-hah's...feed your baby and your good to go!

you can be stylish...nurse your baby... and hide your boobs! ha ha
I like these ones from ITZY RITZY (I got a leopard print one, but I don't see them on the website anymore! hoe could you get rid of leopard print! ha ha ha)

I'm proud of Miranda Kerr! She is a beautiful, new mama, no make-up, just nursing her baby, which is beautiful, natural, and sooo very good for baby! You Go Miranda! Maybe one day soon, people will not be so weireded out by seeing a mom nursing, but think it's ok to see half naked girls, looking way too "provocative" on tv and newstands.

here's my little cherub, I nursed her...her tummy full....and off to dream land!

huge love bigger than my new, breastfeeding bra size! ha ha ha
Your friend, kandee can check out my "new mama" make-up video on my bloggy!


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