Friday, February 4, 2011

My view on friday...

my precious lil one sleeping in my arms...the most peaceful lil' vision is a lil' one sleeping!
I'm gonna lose so much weight just walking her around! ha ha ha
And yes I am a baby-wearer....can't wait to show you all my baby's my fav, all my babies have loved it!

I can't believe it's friday....this week has felt like a blur of hoping for a shower, nursing, watching every cooking show on tv, changing into different pairs of pajamas...hugging and loving my littles...and holding little cupcake...
OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Alani dressed herself...and I LOVE IT! I love all her stripes...she is defintely her mama's girl...hee hee...
I love how my little lovebugs are cuddling in this picture!!!
Alani even styled her own hair today! And I love it...! Looks much better than mama's hair today...I won't even frighten you with what my hair looks like today! ha ha ha

yay....for the weekend....I don't know why but days just feel different on the weekend!

How I miss being little sometimes, watching Saturday morning cartoon, my dad bringing home a big pink box of sprinkled donuts...and then spending the day riding bikes or roller skating! so fun!

roller skates and donuts...your friend,  kandee


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