Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to: the cutest way to wrap a present!

 It looks like a birthday cake, but it's a present, yes gift wrapping!
 My sister, Tiffany, has always been like Martha Stewart...she wraps the most incredible gift you've ever seen! She is like a gift artist!
And she makes the most adorable crafts you've ever seen too! Not only did she make me the hilarious "ornament earrings" for Christmas, but my awesome "grinch" slippers! She bakes the most beautiful pies you've ever seen too...she hand cuts and leaves and lays them on the crust like a wreath! She's so creative!

Not only did she decorate these amazing presents for Alani's birthday on monday, (yay!!!!) but at my request she did a tutorial, so now we all can dazzle people with our "cake presents"!
 Here's another precious gift with CUPCAKES on top!!! I think she got the cupcakes and Michael's craft store, along with the "puff ball"things and frilly yarn-stuff. The wrapping paper she said she got at some fun store that sells wrapping goods!

Now watch my good little sister, that made the video I asked her to, teach us how to make presents that look like CAKES!!!! (ha ha ha)

and I had to include this picture of the "cupcake" I made! hee hee I love this funny face!
cakes, cupcakes...and love from your kandee!


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