Friday, April 15, 2011

Party Dresses!

 this was little Cupcake (aka Elyse) her party dress at my niece's party...
look how little she was....I can't believe how big she's gotten since this picture when she was just a few days old, to how big she looks above!

Last night, I sat in Alani's very pink "princess" room, holding Cupcake in my left arm, and writing all of Alani's birthday party invitations for her big 6 year old birthday party with my right hand! Alani licked all the enveloped shut, as I wrote party details, while Blakey played with the car from her dollhouse..
It's going to be a princess party...she had picked out her princess invitations and party things weeks ago...cinderella, sleeping beauty, and snow white decorated her invitations!

We had such a fun dinner. Jordan and I had laughed at dinner when I told him not to "bonk" into something...(I could've said, bump into something I guess, but I said "bonk")..he said he was too old for me to say "bonk" to him. He laughed hysterically as I told him not to "bonk-idly-bonk-bonk-bonk" into the car! ha ha ha

I love every second with my I go check on them when they are sleeping, my heart wants to burst with love as I kiss their lil' sweet faces...and watch them sleep and wonder what their little hearts are dreaming about...
party dresses...your kandee


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