Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Strawberry Haul!

I love all things yummy smelling....vanilla, birthday cake, coconut....strawberry...
one of my favorite scent memories from being little is of strawberry scented scratch n' sniff stickers on my hello kitty folder in kindergarden
and since me and Alani are big fans of Strawberry Shortcake.....
so when we went into Bath & Bodyworks and saw strawberry scented room fragrance things.....we
were so excited!
Alani got this, "very strawberry shortcake" looking one!
I just bought a new "strawberry" scented lil glass bulb thing (i don't know their official name..ha ha) make our house smell like  Strawberry Shortcake's Berry house! We got new anti-bacterial hand soap, you know me and my love for anti-bacterial wipes and soap! ha ha) in the strawberry scent too!
Blakey was not as excited about the Bath & Body Works store....but he loved this little hot dog truck that you could get in that was in the mall!

We ordered many hot dogs from him in his truck!

typing this and smelling strawberries....
have a "berry" wonderful day...hee hee
your kandee


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