Thursday, April 7, 2011

Babes in Hollywood!

 me, all dolled up because I was invited to go to the VIP Reception for Ashley Tisdale's movie... Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure!(click here to see more from my night)
I feel so fancy that they invited me! (what a change from my everyday life with baby and the kids, where I don't get to get dressed up and stay at home for days at a time! ha ha), with Cupcake on the bed....
 she was mesmerized with the tv...ha ha was like a light show!
 My mama watched, rocked her, and danced around with her (cupcake's favorite!), while I hurried to the event....then I had to leave needed to eat when she woke up....and she's more important than any celebrity to me! hee hee
my sleeping beauty.....
after she slept I stayed awake for hours, until almost 2:30 am trying to gather all the comments for ALL the giveaways from twitter, youtube, my blog, facebook....everywhere (oh my golly.....sooo many comments, it took me soooooo long), then I had to randomly select and verify that they followed all the a subscriber...and all the other rules for each contest, then try to email or message all thee winners! took me sooooo long!

huge love from hollywood.....your kandee


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