Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Get Your Eye-poked on a plane:

WHO: Ellie and that girl named, Tootsie Roll...I mean Kandee.
WHERE: on a Southwest Airlines plane- gotta love free bags and sit anywhere you want.
WHAT: Maybe something about the altitude makes Ellie want to poke my eyes out.
 We are both in "work mode": Me trying to edit a video with my "what-the-percent" battery power, and Ellie working her hard on her fav app: It's a fisher price one, but she just mostly likes the ads for toys with the babies!
 Ellie taking a cuddle break....
 And then back to business...she had one headphone and I had the other....team work!
I could get used to just working on planes....I'm almost like a flight attendant, but not really, we just both are working way up in altitude...ha ha ha

Off to the airport again today....bwaaaa ha ha ha, we're heading home  and it's someone's birthday tomorrow.....Ellie  Bellie is turning 2!

happy almost birthday hugs, from me and the almost-birthday girl, Kandee and Ellie


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