Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Few of Ellie's Favorite Things:

We all have things we just love, things that are our favorites...
if this Minnie Mouse cell phone was a real and Ellie would be phone twins, because I love this too!
Here's lil'  Ellie Bellie's favorite things... they also, all happen to be all things she got for her birthday!

#1. In her favorite pink car - the only bad part is the cute eyelash and red lip decals for the car weren't in the box!
#2. Playing with her favorite pink Minnie Mouse "cell phone"- they have them at Target!
#3. Wearing her favorite pink Minnie Mouse jammies
And one of her favorite bday presents of all! Some fancy Naturino Patent Leather Biker Boots with Swarovski Crystals...
 Ok, I wish they made these in my size!

Ellie got the best bday presents...huge thank you to Auntie Carrie for the gift card...not only did Ellie love what she got, but she loved the giftcard itself! ha ha ha ha

I was thinking of doing an "Ellie's Monthly Favorites" video on my 2nd youtube channel: TheKandeeJohnsonShow, like how I do my monthly favorites on my main youtube channel, KandeeJohnson...comment on facebook or twitter to let me know, i think it'd be so fun and funny to see what her favorite things of the month are!

Huge hugs and still wishing my phone could look like hte Minnie Mouse one, your kandee


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