Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well, Hello Kitty Backpack:

This is pretty much the cutest backpack I've ever seen: a Hello Kitty backpack with ears!

It' is almost as big as Ellie, and she insisted on wearing it all day long. As you know, if you read my KANDEEJ post today, we were in Vegas for less than 48 hours, but had an awesome time. My computer is broken, so this is the only picture I have to post....oh computer.

But we got this at the giftshop in the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. They had the cutest Hello Kitty things, that I've never seen before, and if my computer was working I could totally upload them! So hang on, if the Apple store can fix her up, I've got some cool stuff to show ya!

Sometimes I really wonder if I should keep writing this blog, I don't know if people really enjoy it, read or even know it exists, ha ha ha ha ha.

Huge hugs from a not-feeling-very-well, Kandee


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