Monday, August 5, 2013

California Adventure Break

So I was busy at Vidcon, learning stuff, getting to give hugs and meet everyone in real live-ness, and give out hugs, real hugs, not just computer ones....
while my Mom took the kids to Disneyland, which is right next to where Vidcon was held! So I took a quick break the last day and ran over to go on a ride or two with them before I had to head back!
Blakey got a ride from the "mommy-back-rider-service"....we headed over to the Cars ride, where we waited for almost 2 hours, but it was worth it!

And my phone was left in the stroller, while we waited in line, so I have no pictures of the ride or us waiting in line....although we made friends with the people in line in front of us and behind. We were all guessing the things on their "heads up" game on their phone, which is the best game ever! I think we were the only group of people, that didn't know each other but was laughing together! ha ha ha

And, if you read my KandeeJ blog today, you know I've had a crazier than normal day, and that is why this post is up late...much later than normal.

Sometimes I really wonder if I should even bother writing this post. I don't know if people like this "bonus blog I write"....I hope you do, even if it's just one person that reads this today! hee hee

Huge hugs, from a "knowing-I'm-getting-stronger-from-all-the-things-I'm-going-through-today", Kandee

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