Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of High School and Kindergarten

Yesterday was back to school for us, and it also happened to be "internet outage in our whole area" so I wasn't able to post my blogs or anything! But these our the lunch boxes that decorated the counter....

Blakey started Kindergarten, and Jordan, went to the high school, well, he's a sophomore, but the Freshmen don't go to the high school, they stay at the middle school here,  which I think is awful. So both my boys had "new school" firsts today. Alani was just back at school with just  a new teacher and class!

We sang songs on the way to school, loud clapping songs, to help get some of their energy and "loudy-ness" out. I reminded them to be quiet and listen to their teacher, and if other kids are being loud and naughty, not to listen or talk back to them, and to be nice to everyone, and especially if someone is being left out or all alone, to go invite them to play or eat with them, and most importantly that my love is in their heart all day long.

I dropped Blakey off and stayed to help in his class, which he loved, Ellie helped too! I still cried as he walked into the school in line with all the kids. He didn't cry, just me! ha ha ha

Me and Ellie headed home and it was so quiet...
My internet was out, so we detailed the refrigerator, vacuumed, I found a letter my dad wrote, and I cried for a really long time, I really miss him. My eyes were like leaky faucets yesterday...little Ellie ran and got me a napkin, she's so cute, that made me laugh!

Blakey wanted to ride the bus home with Alani, so after we asked Jordan all about his day and baked him a pizza, we had some yummy snacks baking in the oven for the kids, then Me and Ellie, and Minnie Mouse headed out to greet the kids at the bus stop!

And this was our view walking back home.... we talked all about their classes, the teachers, how lunch was, what they learned, what their favorite part of the day was. And they all ran to Jordan who was waiting at the door for them too!

After dinner, to celebrate the first day of school, we had a Boston Cream Pie, which Blake decorated with his little Planes guys...it was delicious!

Everyone was really tired, so I tucked them in (except for Jordan, he's too big for mom to tuck him in! ha ha ha) I prayed with them and prayed for their day, and that they would know mama's love was in their heart all day long, even if we're apart.

And I was so tired, I fell asleep in all my "day time" clothes, AKA not my jammies, and woke up at about 4am, with all the lights on and everything...

Today I'm baking cookies so when they come home it smells yummy and a treat is waiting for them! I used to love that when my mom had fresh baked something for us, I could smell it before I got inside the house!

Huge hugs and trays of cookies, your Kandee

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