Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Party-time

Ellie sitting in the airport, waiting to fly home...
LA was my home and the place I was born so I'm always sad when I have to leave...and back to the place where I call home now, and I'd say to cleaner air in Lake Tahoe/Reno area, but it's super smokey from all the fires in Northern California.

We returned home, to the kids who had spent the weekend with their dad...and I promised Blakey we'd go bowling on Sunday, so me and Ellie caught the early flight to get home!

We raced to Whole Foods to get some groceries and snacks...then got the kids and headed to go BOWLING!!!!!

Ellie's bowling shoes are the cutest and the smallest size they had!

 It was kind of a group effort whenever someone went up to bowl, as you ca see! Lots of cheering and clapping: "GO...(insert the bowler's name) GO!!!!"

 Ellie watching her pink ball roll down to almost get her a strike...that weird pink thing is like a "bowling ball aiming dragon/dinosaur", you just launch the ball from the top and it rolls down it's back! It was prett-yyyyyyy cool.

We could't decide, "Pinky Tuscadero Bowling Ball" or the "Lemonade Ball"....but we found Pinky was the best!

Alani took these awesome high action shots! I did NOT throw both bowling balls, I just held, Lemonade Ball, in my left hand with tossing Pinky Tuscadero......

Waiting to see how many pins we knock down........

And I got a strike!!!

Ellie poses in her bowling shoes....

After a quick tour through the arcade...we went on a few carnival rides outside....I had to squash myself into this "gator-coaster" was so painful being smashed in there I just kept hoping it was our last time every time we circled around! ha ha ha

Happy Monday guys.....huge hugs from your Kandee in her Kandeeland, where you are already a member of my little sweet land.

Huge hugs and so much love, your virtual BFF, Kandee


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