Monday, March 25, 2013

Colorful Things in our House

Colorful things make me happy.
We have a pretty colorful house.
These bow shoes we got at Old Navy, are now too small for Ellie. And I shold have thought to buy them in the next size up for when she outgrew them. They are so cute, and now Old Navy doesn't have cute shoes like these!

#3. Monkey Dish Brush
I just got this at Home Goods yesterday.
It think that doing the dishes with him, will make it more fun.
Who likes doing dishes?

#3.  Colored Sugar Balls
or as they say on their cute little bottle: 
"Boules de Sucre Mulitcolores"...
we got these at Home Goods too.
I love that store! I also got my favorite Zebra Rug there!

The other "colorful" part of our weekend was, that there was short in the wiring that pumps water into our we haven't had water all weekend.
It's like we're camping, and it really makes you realize how much we take for granted, things like running water, or even having water at all.
I was going to film and post a video that required the use of a sink this weekend, to post last night, but hopefully we will have water tonight and I can film it!

Huge hugs and I hope your Monday is filled with colorful fun!


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