Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day in the life of sweet treats and "milker-falls"...

My lil' Ellie Bellie sippin on her "Blood Orange Dessert Smoothie topped with a lil whipped cream"...
And right before that I made:
Smoked Cheddar Quesadillas with Bacon and get ready for this...
Balsamic Sweet Onion Jam
(it is A to the MAY- zing!!!)
I got it at World Market if you dare to try it...
 Our little goblets, that I got at the Madonna Inn- which I love! I love the Madonna Inn and their little goblets!
I even snuck a picture of Jordan's totally looks out of place on his desk where he was "gaming".
 And earlier in the I try to blog and edit videos, little things like this happen all day...there was a little milk accident that required my attention! ha ha ha ha
I love being able to clean up these little accidents that happen from little hands that I love so much! Sometimes you just have to laugh at a "milker-fall", like a waterfall but of milk, in your kitchen!
 And in this picture, Ellie told me she was "dancing princess"! This was right before she became and extra "clean dancer" in the bathtub, and after I finally convinced Blake to get out of the bath!
sweet dream and whipped cream topped smoothies, your kandee

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