Saturday, March 30, 2013

Time to Celebrate

This is the face Ellie makes when you say: smile!
I love it!
Yesterday was time to celebrate:
Spring Break is officially on!
Alani actually had friday off too for a teacher work day, so we went out to lunch at out fav sandwich and soup place. Now I'm not much of a soda drinker, but when I saw they had Key Lime Cream Soda (cream soda's are my weakness), I had to try this:

 It was amazing!
(you can see snippets of Blake, Alani and Ellie's artwork in the background)

 Ellie, giving me the, "just one second while I think, finger)....

And for anyone that might wanna see what my lunch looked like. Mmmmmmmmmmm
Potato Brocolli Soup, a salad, and half a turkey, carmelized onion and pear sandwich...
And in the words of Ice Cube: it was a good day

And I filmed a loooooooooong requested video!  My smoothie recipe! Finally after 3 years of requests. I just kept thinking I had already filmed it, but really I just blogged about it on here!
ha ha ha ha ha

It will be up on my KANDEELAND youtube channel soony-soon-soon!

And I filmed another special request for my MAIN CHANNEL too!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!


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