Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to have FUN at the dentist!?

The Dentist is usually no fun and even send adults into fits of panic! So here's how to make the dentist as fun as possible!
Ellie is showing off her pearly whites at the dentist, above!

#1. Make it fun!
*We always have early dentist appointments, so we go out to a fun restaurant afterwards for breakfast.
*We don't talk about scary stuff, or how they have drills or any other "scary-ish" things, we just talk about how the dentist is the one who takes care of our teeth.
* We talk about how excited we are to have them polish our teeth and make them all shiny!

#2. Have a good Pediatric Dentist!
Our dentist and all his staff, are so great and fun with kids.
PLUS...they have great prizes.
The kids get so excited to pick out stickers, prizes and Alani had to have a tooth pulled and she got a balloon and some fancy eye mask!

#3. Stay calm and make it fun and give lots of love and comfort!
*Alani giving Ellie a snuggle and a kiss!
*The more love, cuddles and higs you give the moe comfortable and safe kids will feel, even sitting in the dentist waitimg room.

#3. Let kids explore and ask questions!
*Blakey after his teeth cleaning, trying out what the "scented" nose pieces smell like, he got to sniff the bubble gum scented one and we learned that's what they use to give some kids or "big adults", "laughing gas" to calm them down for big procedures.
They let him keep the bubble gum scented thing after that, ofcourse! ha ha ha
And he took it to breathe in and out of at the restaurant! ha ha ha
*They got to see other kids doing procedures.
*We talked about how x-rays are just taking pictures of your teeth.
#4. Make cleaning your teeth fun.
*We have toothbrushing and flossing parties at night. When everyone is all flossing teeth together, it makes it more fun!

*Our favorite  kids and toddler safe toothpaste is: SPRY All-Natural Kids and Infant Toothpaste
It comes in Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana and Original.
We get it at Whole Foods and Ellie loves brushing her new lil teeth with this too! 

And that's how you can have some happy lil people with happy lil' teeth!

Big and tiny smiles from Kandee and her Crew of Cuties

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