Thursday, March 7, 2013

Once upon a baby...

Well it wouldn't be fair if I only posted a throwback thursday post on my kandeej blog (go there to enhoy me in my 14 year old glory! ha ha ha and bonus big eyebrows!)
But look at how tiny Ellie was in that picture!
Oh my goodness!
And here was, me with Ellie cozy under her blankie....
 And me carrying her all snuggly...
so it's kind of a throwback of both of us,,,except my hair was longer and I still look a lil' "post-baby-puffy-baby-face"....thanks to nursing Ellie, it deflated my puffyness a lot! ha ha ha
And if ya wanna see the kandeej throwback, clickity on this: kandeej

PS. please go show me some extra votey-love on these 2 contests! I'm never in contests, then 2 at once! ha ha ha

#1. I think the Ryan Seacrest Fav Make-Up Artist one ends sunday: CLICK HERE TO VOTE

#2. The Top Mom Vlogger Conesst: give me a little vote-boost by CLICKING THIS THANG


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