Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Planes, Trains and Tips for flying with kids....

 Sometimes when we travel it looks like this...
look at all the pretzels Ellie collected from us all!
Blake, as you can see, only wanted the Honey Roasted preanuts....ha ha ha
Our view from the window......
good thing my mom brought her ipad, which she has loaded with kid movies....
she's the best Nana!
Things we always make sure we have when we travel (AKA kid flight essentials)
1. chewing gum to chew when we take off and land to help their ears pop
2.BABIES: either nurse your baby for take off and landing or if you use bottles, make sure to let them have one then or a pacifier (non of my kids have liked paci's)
3. I usually bring little pillows, or even a big, flat pillow to cushion a sleeping baby on your lap, armrests on planes are not soft!
3. A light blanket, especially if you're nursing
4. An ipad is an amazing things to bring to watch movies, since on Southwest they don't show movies
5. A fun sense of humor, I'm usually like a clown/entertainer...singing songs, dancing, playing games...I try to be the human ipad! ha ha ha ha
6.I also make sure the older kids have little goodies bags of toys and some snacks, like apple slices, granola or green food bars (like a healthy food bar packed with nutrients) or other small snacks.
#7. Patience and Love: always remember to stay call, happy and patient. I see many parents that get so upset and mad at their kids or babies on flights. The mor calm, happy and loving you stay, the more calm, happy and loving your kids will be. Rock, cuddle, hold, nurse and sing lullabies to calm babies.
Happy, calm parents make happy, calm kids. (for the most part! ha ha ha There are always some wildcard people, that need more love and calm!)

Happy travels...and may your lap be filled with pretzels on your next flight....we will be headed to the airport in a few2 hours! ha ha ha ha


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