Wednesday, March 13, 2013


What better than candyland jambes in Kandeeland!? hee her
This was Ellie asking me if my camera was "hebby" or "heavy"!
We got these lollipop candy jammies and a kids store, they are made by SARA PRINTS
These are seriously the softest cotton jammies, I wish they made them in "kandee size" ha ha ha
And out little friend in the background is none other than our favorite green-bouncy donkey, Rody
He was a present for Alani's first birthday (who will be 8 this month!), and he's still provided bouncy fun for Alani, Blakey and now Ellie! We love Rody and he just looks cute to boot!
And I'm going to attempt to go on a run again today....when the weather is warmer is makes me realize how much I don't like the cold! ha ha ha Bring on the "no-need-for-a-jacket-ness"...

And the Circle of Moms Top Vlogger Contest Ends 4pm PST....without you guys I would not have made it to #2

If you wanna add some last minute votes, CLICK HERE!

And an UPDATE on CONTEST #2 (I'm never in contests, this is crazy!)...
The Ryan Seacrest Contest: I made it to ROUND 2
And need a looooooooot of votes I guess:
(thank you with sugar on top!)

Giant hugs, your kandee


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