Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Cutest Shoes On The Block:

so the internet is a hard place to find things because there's so many sites it's hard to find stuff...but I found these cutie pie shoes so I'm sharing em' so you can find them too!

These boots are from Livie & Luca, and they are so cute I can barely stand it!
We also saw them at the store and they are so soft and flexible, I wish them made them in "kandee size"!
They made them in infant-youth sizes!

How cute are these?
 And these lil pink cowboy boots are on sale...so we bought some, and they will be appearing on a littlle lady named Ellie, soon!
 Look at the little vintage looking boots!
 The flower sandals....
And another favorite shoe company for little feet is, SEE KAI RUN , they come in sizes infant-8 years old.
We've owned and loved these babies! I've even bought old styles on ebay, because they are so adorable and you can't get them anymore.
Look at this lil shoe, you know me and that minty-green-pale-turquoise color!
 And finally someone that kicks down some boy cuteness too!
Hope that helped make your shoe shopping a little easier...
cute kicks, your kandee

PS. Don't forget to see Alani in my new favorites video, she models the "hello kitty forehead sheild glasses" hee hee hee


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