Friday, March 22, 2013

Look Who I Had A Lunch Date With:

 We had a lunch dad with Cinderella.
Blakey, Ellie and I, that is.

Ellie likes to spice things up and pour salt and pepper on all my food. And she is liking it more in the "big chairs", than in high chairs now. We are getting so big and fancy.
 After strawberries vanished and grilled cheeses disappeared, Blakey had been eyeing the case of cheesecakes, and asked for the Reese's Peanut Buttercup cheesecake.
 Which he thought would taste better scooped up on his potato chip! Thankfully, i really don't like Peanut Buttercup cheesecake, so that one fork-full you see right there, is all I took.

OTHER THINGS: I put my workout clothes on in the morning, as if I was really going to work out, which i never did. After lunch we had errands to do, had to pick Jordan up, then had to head straight home, to be there before Alani got home on the bus. At least I felt fit or fast, wearing my running shoes all day.  If only wearing your workout clothes would burn calories like really working out.

Before bed, I helped Jordan hot glue some things for his Diorama for Spanish class. There's something about Dioramas that I love. Shoeboxes, filled with minature things- I just love it!

So excited it's friday!!!

Friday hugs....your kandee

And don't forget, you only have over the weekend to try to win the goodies in this video, Monday on my KANDEEJ blog, is where the winners will be announced!

Watch it like it's hot:


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