Thursday, March 28, 2013

Morning Hair: Bus Stop Edition

 This is the view you would have seen if you were standing with us waiting for Alani's school bus this morning. And yes that is how "awesome" my hair looks in the morning.
Ellie looks adorable all snuggly in her blankie.
She just stayed all cuddly on my shoulder, while we hugged and waved at Alani.

Today was picture day. Which is sort of crazy because it seems like they have school picture like 4 times a year now! This is the "spring protraits" I think.

We were in too much of a hurry to get pictures of her outfit this morning. But, she wore her dress with donuts and macarons on it, a pink cardigan, and her giant jacket to stay warm in. Because today didn't really look like a sunny, spring day.

And if you were curious as to the front of my hair......BAM!
The front of my hair looks like you could hang ten on that wave of bangs!
I'm gonna go, take a shower and re-tame my wild hair. Oh, first I have to go write my KANDEEJ blog post for the day- yeah baby it's throwback thursday picture time! ha ha ha And I'm gonna upload a video today, woot woot!

Hugs and happy hooray-it's-almost-friday-time, your kandee



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