Friday, March 8, 2013


Awww my Cupcake (which is what we called her when I was pregnant) in front of the Cucpake ATM at the Sprinkles in land of fancyness, Beverly Hills.
And this is the pose she does, when she wants her picture taken! ha ha ha

Ellie's Outfit:
Panda Jacket by Mini Harajuku (from last year though) at Target
Star Leggins - Targetino again
Gold (faux Ugg) boots - from Targetstroms 
Ruffly Skirt- guess where?!? Dolce & Tarbanna (just kidding, that was Target again)
AND WE DON'T LIKE the little DOT DECORATION...they don't taste vey good and have too much red food coloring, Blake looked like he was bleeding from all the red dye, then he spit it out!
Ellie-cakes and me leaving Sprinkles....

 Blakey and Ellie were really loving the window displays with bunnies at the drugstore on our way back to parking garage... (CLICK HERE TO SEE MY OUTFIT OF THE DAY TOO)
 we said good bye, fancy Beverly Hills....good bye to Sprinkles....we will miss you....
love kandee and her cupcake crew

We're down to the wire of me still losing these contests! ha ha ha
Can anyone spare a sec and go give a lil voting boost for ya homegirl?!?
At least just help me not lose so badly...ha ha ha

CONTET # 1 RYAN SEACREST Favorite Youtube Make-Up Artist contest
(I think it ends Sunday)

CONTEST #2 Circle of Moms Top 25 Vloggers
(it ends next Tuesday)

FRIDAY NIGHT HOORAY! Me and Jordan will have our MOM and SON MOVIE ANTI-MOVIE REVIEW up tonight on my 2nd channel: THE KANDEE JOHNSON SHOW


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