Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maybe we'll find some gold...

 First off.
My computer was all weirdsmobile on me and upload my pictures all stripey and different colors- but I'm kinda' ok with it, because it looks kinda' artsy.
Now back to my b-log (that's my new b-boy name for "blog").
While Alani and Blake were at, Elyse and favorite lil' 4 year old, Blakey...went on an adventure.
Blake wanted to go ride his "tooter" (AKA Scooter...and I will be sad the day he pronounces it "scooter".). So we packed up his "pirate",  water bottle...seen here:

 I buckled my Ergo carrier, with Elyse in it, on my back.
This was our shadow.

And this was Blakey on his Toy Story scooty.

He got a little tired, so he would stand on it and I would push him. This was his favorite. I would pretend he was the captain and I was his "first mate"...and I would ask him..."Captain, do we have clear sailing ahead?", he would reply, "Yes!" and I would continue asking him questions about sailing the high seas and say "Aye Aye Captain!"...he said that was his favorite.

My favorite part was when, we first started on our "adventure walk"...and I asked, "Are you ready to go on our adventure Blake?"....and he said:
"Yeah, maybe we'll find some gold!!!"....

Elyse fell asleep and Blake continued to melt my heart as we pretended to be pirates...and I told him how much fun I have with him....and his little face lit up and his little eyes got all squinty as he smiled so big at me....

Who can you tell today, how much fun you have with them? Let someone, know how much they mean to you today...

That's where the real gold is...the treasure you leave in someone's heart....
gold for you heart, kandee



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