Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sharpies, A Gang In My House and Tattoos

 Here's what my friday night was like and photos of what's on my kitchen counter:
 I thought it would be funny to just take pictures of what's on my kitchen counter, on a friday night.
1. The Sharpie pen set I bought at Michael's, because I thought it essential, that I own this vast array of Sharpie hues.
 2. These just jumped out at me and said, "Take us home pleeeeeease!", so I did and they are still on my counter.
 3. Target bag, think I'd have this Target logo tattooed on me since I go there so much. But we did have to go buy a birthday present to take with her to a b-day festivity she's been invited to tomorrow.
*sweet side note: Blakey had said how he wanted to go to the party too. So when I called to RSVP, and was on the phone with the b-day girl's mama, Alani said, "I want to talk to her", after I told Alani, I wasn't talking to her friend, it was just her mom, she still said, "I know"- 
Once on the phone, she asks, "Can my brother come to the party? He really wants to come"....
my heart melts. My little sweetheart, looking out for her brother. She broke the new to Blake that it will already be too crowded...he was not happy hearing that. So we promised to do something fun while Alani is at her "girly" party. But she sang Blake 2 lullabies at bedtime and told him a story.
 3. I've eaten 2 english muffins with this Strawberry "fruit spread", I call it jelly or jam, since trying to type my blogs. hee hee hee
 4. There is a gang problem in my kitchen....that new memory card gang is hitting the counters again. And the king pin of the gang, the Targus card reader. Everyday their hustlin' images and video clips!
 5. This is my resident kitchen "lip balm", my Coconut Body Shop Lip Butter- not to be confused with the lip balm by my bed, they are totally different. I have "lip balm" tubes and jars everywhere!
6. And there's some Nutella on the counter....not sure why it's out. Jordan made a request for me to buy him some more to put on toast.

And last but not least, some random bits of my night:
1. I gave Blakey, Alani and Elyse (pronouced elle-eese, because some peeps have been wonderin') a bath. After giving them all baths with the bathroom heater on, so they stay nice and toasty- I had a strawberry red face from being so hot in there, was slightly sweaty, and my hair got all "steam curled". Nothing like freshly washed, fluffy haired, and yummy smelling babies in matching, fresh and clean, yummy smelling jammies. Ahhhh, my night was complete- tummies were full of yummy dinner, they all sparkled and shined, and were ready for bed.

2. I watched this tattoo artist competition show, called something like, INK MASTER, (i think) on the Spike channel, which I never watch, but this show looked really interesting as I scrolled through the guide, while I tried to get little teething lady, back to sleep. It was pretty cool to see their art skills, blending shading, line drawing. Tattoo artist have always amazed me with their skill. That's as wild as my night got!

And this is how I spend my friday nights- typing my bloggy blogs...
huge hugs and giant tubs of nutella, your kandee



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