Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Make Your House Smell Good

Scent is like the invisible decorating element of any home.
And since scent is so powerful, it can bring a memory back in a split second- I can still recall the way that my little friend who lived across the street from us when I was little - just how her house smelled- it is hard to describe but- kind of cinnamon-y mixed with the smell of how embroidered, or counted-cross stitch pillows look. ha ha ha

"love is in always in the details"
and the details can be the difference in a heavenly scented room versus one that smells, well, not so heavenly. I love walking into my room and I get a "fragrance hug" as soon as I walk in the makes my room feel decadent, delicious, and just a yummy place to be!

So come and "virtually smell" my house, because this is what's in my house to make it smell delish....

I went  into Pier 1 last week and had to ask the salesgirl, what the amazing fragrance was- they were on sale, so I this bird had to fly home with me.

It smells incredible- like you are on vacation, with the most amazing scent- it feels like I am sleeping in a hammock, by blossoming gardenias- uh-to-the-may-zing!

(This was from Whole Foods, I think)
I love this Gardenia one too, it's more citrusy- has some Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Tea Leaf aromas. And the reed diffusers last really long, much longer than "wall plug-ins", these can last up to 6 months.

It's nice to put one of these in your closet or bathroom too- so where ever you wander it smells delightful!

This candle was a gift, the box is so beautiful I didn't want to take it out. And this is the candle that you may have seen in the background of my videos on my nightstand. I've never lit the candle, because I don't want to ruin it! ha ha ha
And it smells like heaven!
Just read the fragrance notes: French vanilla, Mandarin orange, Meyer lemon, coconut, guava, plantain leaf, cassis, vanilla sugar, tiare flower and yuzu zest
I had no idea where to even get it, until I just looked at the bottom for a website to tell you guys about. (click the name above for the link)
I wish this was a perfume, because it's incredible! It's been making me smell heavenly wiffs, as I go to bed for months now, just sitting pretty in it's beautiful etched glass little container, next to my bed.

I once lived at a place that had Night Blooming Jasmine growing outside, and it was like yummy.

I'm not even kidding, that candle smells so good, I wish I could just rub it on me like perfume.....
yummy smelling stuff, your kandee


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