Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Build Creativity and Trophies

 Blake calls for me: Mom, come see this?!?
Me: Ok, I'm on my way buddy!
Blake: This is my car trophy.
Me: Wow Blake! I love it!!! How'd you make that?!?
Blake: Like this, let's make a video.
And we did make a little video with my iphone, telling how he built it and why he built it and who liked the cars he used in the trophy. And who those people are in his life and then a quick- The End. Bye. Bye.
He watched the video a lot. He likes watching all the videos of him on my iphone or one of Elyse where she's making this high pitched squeal. He plays that one over and over over, til I ask him kindly to pick a new video. ha ha ha
And not just because I am his very proud mama, but I am really impressed with the ledges that stick out to hold the cars at varying heights. I may just be an overly proud mama, but I kinda think this is like art.

And every mama, should encourage their kids that what they've done is great- it will keep giving them the confidence to create.

All children are born as little's the growing up part that stops that artist from continuing to create, to play, to make believe.
Thanks a lot judgemental school mates, critical, negative teachers and all the "nay-sayers" of the world that like to put out the fire of others hopes, dreams, and things they've created.

I cheer you on. I cheer you on to cheer others on. Especially mamas and dads- become your little one's biggest cheerleader and watch them soar with the confidence and love.

huge hugs and tall lego trophies, kandee

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