Monday, March 19, 2012

Panda Suits, Green Hair & How to Put Love in The Details

Little Panda compliments on her cuddly outfit all day long.
(yes, if you were a'wonderin' it's from the Mini Harajuku line at Target...I wish this was a permanent line at Targetty)
 This is Alani's outfit she picked for herself....and Blakey in his "fancy" sweater was stylin' for church.

Later in the day, Blake and Alani got their hair sprayed with temporary green color- which got Blakey tons of, "cool hair" compliments at Whole Foods.

We made a quick stop at Sephora to look for some "paraben free" foundation options- which didn't yield anything we quickly left...but as you can see, Blakers cool hair do. And like the little chivalrous gentleman he is, he rushes to open the door for the ladies.

And my heart melted when we were in Whole Foods...I set Ellie down to walk for a second and she ran ran into Blakey's arms and held onto him as he hugged her. He always puts the Fisher-Price app, on my phone, on for her to watch...he's so adorable.

And as I made Alani's lunch- her requests of:
An egg salad sandwich
Kiwi and Strawberry Slices
And some pecans -which she asked me to buy because she loves them, she said.

And I asked her to pick our her favorite color Sharpie pen (from my new 24 color collection- I told you I love it!)...and I wrote her and "i love you" note on her sandwich bag...she chose a light pink shade of Sharpie.

I "interviewed" Alani, as if she was already a famous dancer and singer (two things she loves), while she ate a snack...she beamed with confidence as I seriously interviewed her and asked her what she would tell girls who might be teased in school....she said with great confidence:
"You can't be a lazy girl and just stand there. You have to stand up for yourself." She is so precious. The best thing we can do, is fill our kids with so much confidence, love and "I believe in you-ness", that they know they are loved and that someone believes in them. The worst thing a parent can do, is ever humiliate or make fun of your kids. We don't allow teasing in our home. Teasing, humiliating, or making fun of someone is not the way to fill someone with comes from a place that is not based in love, and that is the only place we want to operate in- a place from love. A parent that humiliates a child- does more damage than they'll ever know...and it will scar a child for a lifetime. We want love to fill them up and give them wings to fly through all the hurtful situations that life will have.

The best feeling in the world, watching lil' Elyse, give Blakey a ton of goodnight kisses on the cheek as they got ready for bed.

A bath tub was scrubbed for bathtime...
Fresh jammies and lunches made...
And love was poured into the hearts of my babies with every little things I can do for is on the details....
what details can you put love in today?
huge hugs and love, kandee



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