Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look what's BIG and back in my living room!

 The Barnyard Bounce House is back ya'll!
If you remember, or have watched my videos for a couple years, you may remember my "KANDEE PUTS SOMETHING LARGE IN HER LIVING ROOM" video, from my other youtube channel: thekandeejohnsonshow. (video below)

 This is what me, Blakey and Elyse do while Jordan and Alani are at school! ha ha ha
To re-cap- I bought this on super clearance at Toys R' Us, (so I don't know if they even make this anymore) for Blakey's birthday.
My sister and mom said they didn't think it would fit in my living room- and I took the advice of Justin Bieber: "I will never say never!"...and it fits!
It is worth moving my furniture around to make fun memories for my little ones! I hope later, in their hearts we can all laugh and smile and remember the "Barnyard that was in our living room"!

Let's travel back in time...and go back and watch when I first bought the Barnyard Bouncer, and put it up in my living room, in our old house. (jordan has now inherited the couch for his room. i lost the chair and coffee table in our move, and I finally threw out the green-cabinet thing I had made out of an old headboard I got at a thrift store- it did have a weird "thrift store stink"- but I had installed lights in it myself!

And first thing this morning, after they woke up, Blakey and Elyse were back in the bouncer- jammies and all!

IT would be fun if our entire house was "bounceable"!

Make a memory today- do something un-expected to make someone that you love's day!

hugs and bounces, your kandee



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