Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Boots Little Man- my impersonator

This was last night-
Blakey put my Ugg boots on and said he wanted to make a video....
(he was pretending to be me and pretending to "talk like me"- I guess he thinks my voice sounds like this:
watch and enjoy and I will put what he was actually saying below, so you can understand just what "Kandee Johnson is saying":
"I'm Kandee Johnson...
But do you like my new boots?
Actually I don't really have new boots.
I'm just Blakey's mama.
And I'm just this.
And I'm wearing her boots.
The end.
Bye Bye."

I love his little voice. I will miss it when he's a big man and I'll try to remember what he sounded like when he was just a little guy...

hope this made you smile....
hugs and big boots, kandee

PS. You CAN CLICK HERE TO SEE MY OTHER's kinda' a little bit awesome.



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