Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Look Awake...When You've Hardly Slept

Did you get 8 hours of sleep last night?
Did you get 6 or 4...or maybe less?

I know the term "beauty sleep" is very true....because I hardly get any sleep, and I definitely notice that "bags" under my eyes are not a gift of beauty!

Maybe you're a student who is studying all night or a mom who needs to burn the midnight oil, to get anything done. Or maybe you are just up all night with a baby, like me....
well, technically since she's one now and walking, she could be classified as a "toddler", but she still feels like my lil' baby.

If you aren't getting much sleep...please know that you're not alone.
Last night baby, was not feeling so well...
so I rocked her, danced her around, bounced and swayed...
I was awake to for many hours last night. But I know I was not the only one- new moms, moms of babies, or little ones who are sick...I used to think of that when any of my babies were first born and I'd be up all night watching tv, as I nursed a hungry lil' baby-
I'd think, "I wonder how many other mama's are up nursing  their babies right now too?"....

And I joked today about how it's a good thing I can cover "rings under the eyes", here is my "how to hide rings or bags under your eyes" (and make you look awake!):

may you look more awake than you feel today....ha ha ha ha
hugs and awake-ness, your semi-sleepy friend, kandee



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