Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sleepwalking....before and after:

I walk and she together we are team "sleepwalk"! ha ha
I try whenever I know it's around her nap time, to be able to put her in her carrier (here I'm using the Ergo carrier).
I love the Ergo carrier because it's super fast and easy to put on, it's super comfy to wear, you don't get all hot from all the fabric of other carriers, and it has a little "sleepy shade hood", that you pull over to keep the sun out of their face.

I think it's funny when I wear her on the back, instead of the front (sometimes she like to see out more, like when she's in the back), and people must think I am just wearing a weird backpack because they'll say: "oh, I didn't even see you had a baby in their!"...
ha ha ha

So our favorite thing is our version of "sleepwalking"- I walk and get some exercise, while she gets a cozy nap.

Every time I' carrying her like this, I think of all the mama's who've been carrying their babies like this for years, in other countries, getting things done while cozying, heart to heart with their baby...
No more sleeping, but awake, recharged and ready to walk!

backpacks full of hugs, your kandee


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