Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Party Time for Someone!

 Today is my precious, sparkly eyed, Alani's 8th Birthday!
The invitations have been delivered, and her party will be on Sunday!

I can't believe this was so many years ago. I took this in my garage, and I remember she didn't really eat the lollipop, but it kept her from trying to grab the camera! ha ha ha
And then she tried to crawl with it and we had to put it in the trash! ha ha ha
I remember I had made her little "leg warmers/ knee protectors", her shirt, and made her little headband. I'm so glad we played "photo shoot", in the garage that day!

And then when she was a little bigger, but still small compared to how big she is now!
And look at little Blaker!
 I'm off to go finish up the surprise-ness for when she comes home from school, and to get ready to deliver cupcakes to her school! And I guess you'll see what we end up doing tonight, here tomorrow!

Huge bday hugs to anyone else who's birthday is today too!
Plates full of cake, your Kandee


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