Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emergency Rooms, Toys R Us, and Groceries oh my!

Some days start out and you have no idea what you will end up doing the rest of that day.
When I woke up, I had no idea we'd be taking Alani to the emergency room.

Or that Blake would figure out how to change the language on the ipad, and still know what each button was to press and play Cut The Rope while we were in the emergency room with Alani.

This was our view for a few hours.
Her and Blake had been playing, and she had a crash with a chair and her head.
The good thing is, sometimes when you go to the doctor for one thing, they discover something else.
(SIDE EXAMPLE: One of my best friends, went to the doctor for a bad sore throat, and found out she had to have emergency open heart surgery!)
Doctor said Alani was fine, just has a little bump on her head, but a good thing we came and checked out her head and her dizzyness!
You don't want to mess around with head injuries.
We found out the she may have allergies or an undiscovered inner-ear problem-o or infection, that was causing her dizziness-which was causing me to be even more concerned.

Ellie a a panda, playing with her "monkey baby" was a jungle in there!

Once we got the ok, that she was fine.... we headed off for a celebratory frozen yogi!
Rainbow sprinkles make lots of days better.

And then we made a special, "no buying- just looking" stop at Toys R' Us...
and I loved seeing these guys. I don't know what it is about Animal, maybe that he's hot pink, I don't know, but I love him!

Blake trying to find his way out of "girl stuff" and to go find the boy toys!
 And look what we found in "girl land":
Yes, you can have some One Direction, Niall -ness right at your fingertips!
 Alani who was adding things to her birthday wishlist... La-dee-da dolls were at the top of her list. She also picked her outfit out herself, which I might add, I also had shoes that looked like that in 8th grade.

"There's a kandee, dressed and Captain America on aisle 18!":

And then I found good ol' Punky Brewster in the "TV Flash Backs"...I used to love Punky! Punky Powerrrrrrr!
And Ellie had to take a ride with her good buddy Elmo!

And last but not least, we finished the day off with dinner at Whole Foods...
Ellie and I shared a Mamma Chia drink in Kiwi Lime (she loooooooooooves this stuff! She drank more than half the bottle!), asparagus, green beans and some stew.
 And that was our yesterday!

Off to go see what today holds! Huge hugs from your homegirl, Kandee

See our Girls Gone Mild vlog video by CLICKING THIS.



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